like ok

daken’s taken down frank castle once


and lester has a whole list of ppl

it’s like santa’s naughty or nice list

it’s huge


we’re talking mac venom here but he’s just gonna eat u

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did a quick redesign of Daken’s costume!

I wanted to go for something japanese inspired (just with little details like the kote, the suneate, the kikko armour and the hachi gane), darker colors but with some contrast, and tried to focus on something not too Wolverine looking (as Daken is quite set on building something of his own and stepping out of his father’s shadow) and something practical for concealing efficiently his identity and that would allow him to move freely… I’m still not 100% satisfied but it’s going in the right direction of what I’ve envisioned, will probably post other versions in the future!

please don’t underestimate big name villains who have taken out big name heroes


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 Godfrey Gao for Milk Magazine (2014) 


"Last time I tried, you said it felt like I was tenderizing a piece of meat."


"Just not as rough this time and I won’t complain."

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"You owe me a massage. It’s only fair."

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i’m feeling like my rping is boo boo so imma just

be really scarce

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I highly recommend you follow the person I reblogged this from.

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wants things

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