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"Does this look like a face that would cause trouble?"



"I’m hurt.”

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crosshaired deadpoolexpress are now a packaged deal


i remember searching all three tags on mobile

cuz that’s how i get to blogs

and i like to creep when i’m bored at work

and if i go to lester’s blog, deadpoolexpress and i are the only recommended blogs.

workin’ it. z snaps.

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"—Not causing trouble are you?"


"Does this look like a face that would cause trouble?"


Daken vs. Sebastian Shaw.

[from Wolverine Origins (2006) #30]

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Lester stretched, popped back his shoulder with a metallic click and sat up on the touch. He smirked. He was beginning to get used to this house-arrest lifestyle. Entwining his fingers, he clasped them together on his knees and leaned forward.

    “Do you need to talk about your feelings?”

The surface wound healed up quite nicely in a matter of seconds as he took a cloth, wiping away blood.

"I should just show you your entrails, right now."


"Can I help you?”

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Send a Ω and I will generate what my muse say to yours! You can send more than one if you want more than one starter! And these I stole from everywhere except a few random ones, but enjoy!


Warning! Starters consist of; angst, mentioning of torture, and other things like this.

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mattfrack asked:

do you think it's possible daken got his pheromone powers from itsu?


You have come to the right place for this sort of discussion, friend.

(Warning: the following is a lot of fairly contrived, mostly-based-on-headcanon-and-wishful-thinking bollocks. If that’s not your thing, you might want to keep scrolling,)

My answer is: absolutely. Yes. In fact, I go one step further because I don’t think Itsu and Wolverine met by chance. Like, at all. If I’m remembering correctly, in ‘Wolverine: Origins’ it’s stated that Romulus basically controlled Wolverine’s whole life from the shadows. With that in mind, consider that Romulus intended all along for Wolverine to father a child that he would take and raise as his own personal attack dog - thus, he arranged for him to father a child by another mutant with powers beneficial to his purposes: Itsu.

Hear me out. In Wolverine vol. 4, we have the Mongrels - a bunch of Wolverine’s adult children, born to human women (as far as I’m aware - if I’m wrong, the point I’m making here is pretty much nullified), who are a mixed bag in terms of powers. Recently, Raze, the son of Mystique and Wolverine, was introduced; he is the offspring of two mutants, possessing both his parent’s powers.

What I’m getting at here is, in the [very limited] sample we have, Wolverine + human = human child or mutant child with different skill set to Wolverine, whilst Wolverine + mutant = mutant baby possessing the combined powers of both parents.

So then, maybe Itsu was an early mutant and maybe her power set included pheromone manipulation. Just to back this contrived point up a little more, consider that Romulus one) knew about Daken’s pheromone manipulation from the word go, and two) knew how the power worked. Maybe he picked up on them when he was supervising bubby Daken from the shadows or MAYBE ITSU HAD PHEROMONE POWERS AND WAS WORKING FOR ROMULUS I DON’T KNOW.

tl;dr: Yes, I think Itsu had pheromone powers and I think Romulus basically arranged her union with Wolverine so he could have Daken.

Any followers got any opinions on the whole ‘Daken getting his pheromone powers from Itsu’ discussion point?

(Also, plz note that I’m only talking about 616 Wolverine and his 616 children above - I have no idea about alternate universes, etc.)